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Haitham Issa is a graduate in Masters of Podiatric Medicine from Western Sydney University. Having been elected as the representative for the university cohort continuously for 3 years, he brings a wealth of knowledge and skills to the team. Haitham has a strong interest in general foot care and sports-focused podiatry including lower limb rehabilitation. His strong interest in biomechanics has been evident within the university as he is currently in the running to be awarded the “Ted & Grace Perpetual Memorial Award in Podiatry” which is awarded to students who display academic excellence In the biomechanical field. Having been playing soccer, tennis, and rugby for over 10 years, Haitham is very familiar to lower limb pathologies patients can present with.

Haitham is currently completing his further education in Endorsement of Scheduled Medicines which will further enhance his knowledge and skills towards the patient. Haitham hopes to complete his further studies and in-turn register into the Australasian College of Podiatric Surgery.

Haitham is also an active member of the western Sydney University Podiatric Medicine board, where-by students from the Podiatric Medicine are mentored by Haitham in the clinical setting. Haitham is driven by patient satisfaction and attainment of results, while also being at the forefront of professional development and learning new skills.


Amina Sukkarieh is a graduate of Western Sydney University in a Bachelor of Podiatric Medicine. Having been elected as the representative for the university cohort for 3 years, she understands the importance of achieving best outcomes. She is currently studying a Bachelor of Pedorthics at Southern Cross University and has a strong interest in general foot care, sports-focused podiatry and custom footwear. Amina is driven by patient satisfaction and committed to providing patient centered care with an empathetic approach, in order to provide the best possible podiatry treatment and health outcomes.

Abdalla Attar has graduated from Western Sydney University with a Bachelors of Podiatry Medicine. Throughout his time at university, Abdalla worked as a Fit Technician at The Athletes Foot. He brings to the team extensive and detailed knowledge regarding modern-day footwear technology as well as his passion for sports-centred biomechanics.

Having grown up as an active member of his local rugby league club with an ambition for 1st-grade footy, he settles today for patient-centred satisfaction and describes this to be “truly rewarding”. As an active member of Sports Medicine of Australia; Abdalla is driven to continue ongoing learning, ensuring his professional development improves in and outside of a clinical setting.

Abdalla stands by the notion – ‘Life lived for the betterment of others is a life worth living.’

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