What is an Orthotic?

An orthotic has many descriptions:

  • An external mechanical restraining device
  • A realigning device
  • A device that restores the natural shock-absorbing qualities of the foot.

The objective of orthotics is to change the ground on which a patient’s walks to help fix their condition by correcting gait and posture.

Like prescription glasses, orthotics are similar – they act as the corrective medium between the ground and the feet, just as the lenses in glasses are designed to correct specific types of vision. Also like glasses, it is crucial that orthotics are worn every day – they are not short-term fix. We believe that orthotics work by correcting the foundation of the body.

While there are hundreds of different innersoles and orthotics available, they can usually be classified into one of two groups:

Off the shelf devices

are a prefabricated product, available in several different sizes and thicknesses.

Custom made devices

are manufactured from a model of your foot, to a personal prescription created by your Podiatrist. This allows for a more specific treatment plan as the Podiatrist can accurately address the problem identified within your foot’s posture and function